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Client Experience
Client satisfaction is everything. We have built a complete platform encompassing every aspect of client success. Smart monitoring of client progress, effective feedback and messaging systems, and automized reminders and notifications. Save time while providing a personal experience for your clients.
Using our automatic data aggregration system we enable a high level of customization when easily and quickly creating meal and workout plans. Adjust calorie progression, macro and micro distributions, include allergies, preferences, budget, injuries and much more.
As a Lenus partner you are freed from trivial and time consuming tasks - valuable time you can spend growing your business. We have experience in expanding client portfolios by improving conversion rates, supporting brand and marketing initiatives and providing other consultancy services.
We do the heavy lifting for you.
Are you tired of doing manual work or do you have a hard time scaling your business?

Team up with Lenus and get a strategic partner with well tested and documented growth strategies for the industry, and an all-in-one software platform to free you from boring and time consuming work.

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Create highly customized meal plans
With the all-in-one Lenus Platform™ you can easily create highly individualized meal plans. The platform will calculate your clients' needs based on your personal approach to dieting and you can easily adjust a wide array of parameters such as calorie progression, allocation of macronutrients and level of micronutrients. The meal plan is composed of delicious recipes and will be adjusted to your clients' food preferences, allergies, economic budget, time available and much more.
Keep track of your clients
Tracking and monitoring of your clients' progress is key to achieve great results. The Lenus Platform™ provides a communication & tracking system for you and your clients and presents you with a detailed overview of your clients' key metrics. Based on the client's progress the system will suggest where to take action. With the system's built-in notification system both you and your client is automatically notified when action is required. Save time and improve the client experience.
Let us help you grow your business
By partnering with Lenus you will get assigned a personal business consultant dedicated to help you grow your business. As a coach you know the value of teaming up with an expert within a certain area. We are experts of the online health & fitness industry and have a strong track record of building and growing brands through efficient online marketing and sales.
We take care of your data and payments
We acknowledge the importance of security and build our software according to the highest standards of security. You don't have to worry about handling and storage of client data - the Lenus Platform™ is compliant with general data protection regulations (GDPR). Additionally we handle all your payments and take care of transactions, subscriptions, cancellations and refunds and simplify your accounting.
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